Gear X RCS recycled plastic USB pocket work light 260 lumen, grey

Pocket size work light with super bright COB made with RCS certified recycled ABS plastic. Total recycled content: 36% based total item weight. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. The work light uses a re-chargeable A-grade 900 mah lithium battery so no need to replace the batteries. Simply re-charge via your USB socket. The work light comes with 260 lumen COB. With 2 modes:COB and COB 50%. With magnet on the back. With stand function. With type C port for re-charging. Operating time on one charge: 3 hours.


Width:5.50 cm
Length:10.60 cm
Depth:1.40 cm
Main material:Recycled ABS
Packaging:Gift box
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