Product Maintenance

We notice that is has become common to throw away things when they don’t seem to function anymore like when you first used it. This result is landfills full of items that with the right care and attention could have been used a life-time. Therefor we want to advice you how to properly maintain your Gear X tools.

Preventing damage is easier than repairing.


How to clean your tools

Knives and multitools can best be cleaned after use by using a damp cloth. For a deeper clean use some hot water and very small amount of dish soap and wash carefully.
Cleaning your tool regular will avoid dust and dirt getting attached to your tools.


Our tools use high quality washers and bearings. But even these need to be maintained. We recommend lubricating these on regular basis.
The more you use the tool the more we recommend to do this.


Our knives and tools use premium level stainless steel. Even these will use their sharpness over time. When sharpening the knife make sure its safely locked in position.  Use a high quality sharpening tool or take it to a specialist. If you have any questions how to maintain your specific tool feel free to contact us. We will help you at any time.

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